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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sidney Crosby's GOLDEN Goal - Oh Canada!

The Goal That Will Resonate Throughout Canada's History!!!

On Feb 28, 2010, Sidney Crosby, at 7.40 into overtime, puts it into the Net!

And Canadians-- from Kandahar to Whistler, from Robson Street to Dundas Square and everywhere in between -- erupted into joyous, ecstatic, rapturous celebration!

Oh Canada!!

About Team Canada's Olympic Gold Medal Win

You can talk about great Superbowls--- and there have been many--- but people are usually routing for one team or the other!

You can talk about great World Series -- but they will play another one next year.

With all due respect--- this can never be repeated- on home soil for Canada in the sport that matters most against the Americans---this can never be repeated, it can never be approached, let alone equaled.

This may very well be the single most important moment in the Canadian Hockey history!

Bob Costas
Feb 28, 2010


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