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Saturday, April 23, 2005

DadManly Tells It Like It Is!

Dadmanly replies to a blog entry by a psuedo intellectual named "Gillard" (I refuse to offer a direct link to Gillard's blog) who Dadmanly notes, " has posted a very impressive looking analysis of the current situation in Iraq. The problem is, he distorts what little information he does have and uses that to draw unsupported conclusions from the data he misrepresents. In the abstract, so what. But Daily Kos has picked it up, and now these distortions are no doubt all over the left side of the blogosphere"

Gillard may want to believe he's an intellectual heavyweight, but truth is, he's swimming in shallow waters.....very shallow waters!

He's such a buffoon that he inspired within me an idea for a remake of tv series that I think I'll pitch to my Hollywood friends: "Gilliard's Island".

And judging from the responses of certain left wing lightweights who seem to think Steve is an intellectual genius...they'll be plenty to choose from as recurring guest stars!

Just how distorted is Gillard's alleged intellectual analysis? If he offered the same insightful analysis of South Central LA, where the Bloods and Crips fight their inner city turf wars, and distorted the truth proportionately, one would be left to conclude that ALL of Los Angeles is now a decaying city, in the midst of massive guerrila warfare in which the gangs not the cops were winning, chaos reigned,law and order was non existant, the cities residents are under seige by a hot-bed of scum and weirdos and Snake has 9 hours to find the device and Utopia and get out before the poison kicks in!

I can set the record straight about Los Angeles, Dadmanly handles Iraq!


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