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Friday, January 06, 2012

Cruising The Med: The Final Word

Monica posted a comment to me that I'd like to answer in a new post. She mentioned she was surprised more people had not commented on my blog in light of the story last night mentioning it.

I don't know that there will be many more comments simply because there is not much more that can be said or offered up by the general public.

I blogged here and here about several events that occured and were somewhat connected.

Some were witnessed by me, some by members of my family, and some by various other passengers and crew. Many people I spoke to often shared the same accounts, which were factual, while others shared innuendo and pure speculation. I tried to differentiate between the two in my blog and assumed it was clear when I was offering up my opinion. Alot of the innuendo I heard, I chose NOT to blog about, BUT some of the innuendo was consistent by different sources, and I believe is based in truth. An ugly truth...but truth nonetheless. Its that innuendo that I chose to include.

There are some who would argue that's not fair or right...and perhaps their criticism is valid. However, I find the "official" story put forth by RC spokeswoman of Ms Hagel claims that she woke up, didn't find her husband in the cabin, assumed he was on deck somewhere with friends at 7:00 am, did not see anything amiss in their cabin, and left to either work out in the gym(as some stories have reported) or go to the spa( as yet others have reported) to be somewhat suspect.Frankly I don't believe it...I think its completely fabricated. Nonetheless, she was not charged or held on any charges. So the "official" story stands as it is, for now.

Perhaps there are some who feel I'm not entitled to offer up my opinion or thoughts on my blog because they deem it" speculation" and feel that's unfair and unkind. So be it. I won't argue that they are right or wrong - they are after all, like myself, entitled to their opinion and are free to blog their opinion in my "comments" section. However I will say that IF my opinion had been one in support of Jen's story and or been more supportive of her....I suspect they'd have no quarrel.

A man is missing under very strange circumstances, and several people were implicated, and then apparently, exonerated. Whatever truly happened remains for the FBI to uncover.
In time, one can only hope they will and that that all speculation and opinions will be proven either right or wrong but finally laid to rest.

However, in watching the coverage on Fox, and other major news outlets, there has always been doubt,on the part of those journalists reporting the story, towards the official Hagel story as put forth by RC. People find it very strange that a new bride would not think twice about her husbands whereabouts, and did not notice what passengers NOT in the room, but on their own balconies noticed as well as what the cleaning staff noticed upon entering the room, blood!
It just seems very strange, and its been the fodder for talk, speculation, opining, by all.

Human nature is such that speculation ensues when the actions of someone just don't make sense. I agree - returning home seems strange - but perhaps staying on board would be even stranger and far more disconcerting to someone who has just lost her husband. Who knows? We each come to view situations in our own way. This blog allows for diverse thoughts but hopefully in a civil albeit emotional manner.

My blog is where I voice my opinions on MANY subjects, and about many people, and what they have said or put forth in the press, on their own blogs, and in books they've written, and it should be clear to many people that I do not hold back.

I have declined the numerous offers for interviews both with and without financial remuneration. That ALONE should speak volumes to my integrity. It was NEVER my intention to blog about this in the hope of gaining attention, interviews, and financial remuneration.

When I received an email from someone close to those young adults involved who was angry and wanted to get the ENTIRE story out about his friends, I allowed him the opportunity to do so, He chose not to blog - he simply wanted to dialogue with me. After several exchanges he did allow me to post what he had shared with me.

I wanted it included in this blog in the spirit of being fair and balanced. Those young guys are entitled to have their voice heard and their side of the story told.

I have no way of being able to confirm the veracity of his comments and relationship to the young adults involved, but as I've said before...I have no reason to doubt him. Certainly if what he said is true..then it deserves to be heard, and his friends deserve to have the all the facts and the entire truth known.

Beyond that..I have nothing more to say or add.

However, I'll leave others the opportunity to continue to comment as they wish. I could if I chose to disallow futher comments...I won't YET.

However, I am moving on to blog about other things that Im interested in, and/or want to rant about.

In time, I will blog about the highlights of my trip, especially in beautiful places like Mykonos, and Barcelona; places I think others should consider visiting even though travelling in a post 9/11 world can sometimes be challenging.

My life is busy with work, volunteering for Make a Wish, supporting our troups with care packages and emails, and of course, spending down time with friends, and reading about four books a week, most of which become subjects I blog about.

Once again, I want to make it clear, that I am declining all requests for interviews.

Cruising The Med: Murder Mystery Mayhem
Cruising The Med: Setting The Record Straight
Cruising The Med: Honeymoon Murder Mystery


  • At 9:42 AM, July 21, 2005, Blogger Martin said…

    What books are you reading?

  • At 6:36 PM, July 21, 2005, Blogger Laura said…

    i saw your blog after watching "A Current Affair", I'm glad that the circumstances did not ruin your vacation, was this your first cruise?

  • At 6:39 PM, July 21, 2005, Blogger Huntress said…

    Hi Martin

    I was at work so I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner.

    This week, I'm reading:

    Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad by Gordon Thomas.

    The World Is Flat, by Thomas Friedman

    Six Questions of Socrates, by Christopher Philips( Author of Socrates Cafe)

    And I'm close to finishing
    Arrogance, Rescuing American From The Media Elite, by Bernard Goldberg.

    On Friday May 20th, I blogged about Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, by Bryon York. Damned if I know how to link to it in the comments section, Im not HTML code friendly! LOL!

  • At 6:46 PM, July 21, 2005, Blogger Huntress said…

    Hi Laura! No it was not..Ive been on several...mostly Princess Cruises. This was my first time on Royal Caribbean..not so sure I'll go back again! Not because of the incident..but because the service and attitude of the crew was terrible. I much preferred my time on The Grand Princess.

    I however did enjoy revisting the ports of call...I had travelled through most of Europe in my early 20's and fell in love with much of the continent. It was nice to revisit some places, and to visit Mykonos, Santorini, Kusadasi and Barcelona for the first time.

    It saddened me deeply to hear of the suicide bombing of a shuttle bus in Kusadasi. My heart goes out to all those who lost a loved one!

    And needless to say...since I had spent a few summer months in London...I also felt angry and deeply saddened at the subway bombings. During the cruise, my thoughts were with those families that lost a loved one on that day.

  • At 6:57 PM, July 21, 2005, Blogger Laura said…

    Those sound like beautiful places, I've never been on a European cruise before, I've only been to islands surrounding America as well as Canada and Alaska. I'd really like to go on a cruise around Greese. I have been on Royal Carribean, once as well, not my favorite. I prefer Norweigian, but I've never been on a Princess cruise. How was the entertainment and food on the Brillance? I'm not sure if I could live off RC food for tweleve days straight!

  • At 10:27 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger Sue said…

    Wow, Huntress...I take a break from reading blogs and you go and have a huge adventure! My only attempt at a cruise was marred by way too much bingo and fog. I did, however, play 'Clue', although you seem to have played the 3D version.

    I look forward to hearing about the other ports of call too...glad you're back!

  • At 4:25 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger Groucho said…

    Does anyone know anything about the young guys? i.e names, nationality,city....
    Also I am wondering if the FBI has questioned these young fellows.

  • At 4:30 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger Huntress said…

    Yes the FBI and Turkish authorities questioned them...as I have said on all my media appearances....I continue to speak with a friend of theirs....and Im afraid I will not reveal any personal information about them.

    They were questioned by the FBI early in the morning on the cruise ship while we were in Kusadasi....and then off loaded in Kusadasi and were questioned by the Turkish authorities.

  • At 7:40 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger Groucho said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 9:56 PM, August 02, 2005, Blogger xoxoxoc said…

    I have been following this case daily, on the news and A Current Affair and again tonight on Larry King Live.

    The one theory that resonates as most plausible with me, is the idea that someone (most likely the three New York boys), drugged the Smiths.

    I believe this is HIGHLY PLAUSIBLE, as I, too, several years back, in Dallas, at the age of 27, someone slipped something in my drink at a bar. I had had only one glass of wine that night prior to my "blackout". I was not someone that would black out after one glass of wine. I remember nothing from that point forward. I literally woke up the next morning, about 4 AM, naked, lying in bed next to a man who had clearly taken advantage of me. I am not someone who uses drugs and was not on any medications that would have encouraged this reaction.

    Prior to this experience, I had not believed that someone could actually "slip something in your drink" and make you completly forget any memory or have literally no recollection of an evening's events. It was total and complete amnesia. Even when I called my best friend the next day, she was incredulous as to how it could have happened.

    My point is, that it is VERY Plausible that the Smiths (one or the other) were given a similar type drug. Current Affair had an expert in Cruise Ship crimes on the other night who conjectured this and it really struck home with me as a strong possiblilty based on my experience. This expert stated that this is quite common-place on Cruise Ships.

    Jennifer and George were seen by witness in the Club the evening this all happened. They were in an argument. They were drinking heavily. Jennifer kicked George "in the family jewels" as Huntress put it...and Jennifer left (when she left she was very intoxicated...) I heard that she left and went to her room.

    One witness on current affair (who's name was "VITO" and had his face blacked out for anonomity) stated that he was in the bar with Jennifer and George that night when all of the above happened...He stated that there were three men / boys (not sure which) from NY (Bronx or Brooklyn) - who were drinking at an nearby table and that they offered George a shot of this 160 proof alcohol (which is only sold overseas, due to the alcohol content). George obliged. Jennifer went back to their room. George continued to hang with the guys...then they went to the solarium and ended up back in George's room.

    Throughout the trip there were sexual innuendos about Jennifer - her being pretty - etc. Maybe these guys wanted to have sex with her and maybe they wanted to take advantage of her...It is highly plausible that they went back to their stateroom, that Jennifer was passed out, George was given something (or had been drinking 160 proof alcohol), the guys were trying to take advantage of Jennifer, George came-to, and then things got out of control, because George found out what was going on, and someone stabbed him to get him to calm down...I doubt it was pre-meditated..I think it just got out of hand, and one of the guys wasn't thinking and grabbed a knife (or some other weapon) and killed george in an attempt to get him to calm down.

    There were reports of men's voices telling george to calm down...from the gentleman who was in the room next to the smiths...(this, too, was reported on A Current Affair) -- this witness was a Sheriff's Deputy from California and is a very credible witness...he heard several men's voices in the SMith's room that evening and a woman's voice.

    If Jennifer was drugged, it is ENTIRELY plausible she woke up (as I did that morning when I was 27), and tried my best to put some sort of memory together about the evenings events the night before. It is NOT LIKE drinking too much and the next day not remembering anything (and eventually small bits and pieces of the night before come back to you)....it is a TOTAL AMNESIA effect. It is entirely possible that she woke up, and HONESTLY had NO IDEA where her husband was OR what happened to him...she may have been SO Clueless, if given one of these drugs, that she someone actually had to TELL HER what happened...which probably drove her into more shock...she might even have more questions than we all do...she could be walking around in a cloud and just not actually (yes it is possible) remember anything.

    I remember how HORRIBLE and HELPLESS it was to have this happen to me - no one really believes it is possible -- they were incredulous... "amnesia?...you dont remember anything?" and I had to try to help them understand it was possible!


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