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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hollywood Rag "Daily Variety" Shakesdown the Vandals

No --- I don't mean vandals with a little 'v' - crooks, thieves, do-badders --  I mean the band  "Vandals". 

And yes I DO mean 'shakedown' - as in Tony Soprano style - aka "extortion".

From Big Hollywood:

The biggest laugh is now that The Daily Variety has had to actually tell their story to the Court, they suddenly admit that the Vandals do have 30 days to cure any breach of the agreement. Even though they tried to squeeze the Vandals for tens of thousands of dollars by repeating this lie over and over about “no cure period” they couldn’t tell that to the judge, so they made up something even more ridiculous. This is their claim. They claim that although there is a cure period in the Settlement Agreement between the parties, the Vandals failed to cure the “breach” by not paying Variety the $75,000 they asked for and signing the promise to pay double next time.

Of course this is laughable for many reasons but the most blatant is that this would make the cure of the breach more expensive than just not curing the breach and giving them the $50,000 plus actual legal expenses that the original Settlement Agreement allowed. The Vandals believe that this is just a bald abuse of the legal system and that the Daily Variety and Reed Elsevier should wake up and realize that they are also being scammed here.

The argument was that if the Vandals are allowed to parody their precious logo, it would harm the Daily Variety brand. But what could harm the brand more is taking part in an illegal shake-down that is frivolous, abusive, and directed at members of their own artistic community.

Mafia Style Extortion.  Stay Classy Variety.

Show your support for the Vandals at their concert Friday Sept 10th at The Glass House. Details here.


  Click here to see the image Variety is all wee wee'd up about


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