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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hate Speech, Seamus Wolfe & Ottawa University

Another example of hypocrisy of the left:

Seamus Wolfe, a member of the University of Ottawa Student Federation, said Coulter's speeches and remarks often cross over into hate, which he said cannot be justified under the auspices of free speech
The Ottawa Student Federation is home to a group of intellectually dishonest liberals like Seamus Wolfe. Seamus seems to be suffering from the syndrome of cognitive dissonance that is the trademark of liberals.

Well known anti Semite, Israeli hating, intellectually dishonest, and uber hypocrite, Omar Barghouti was invited to Univ of Ottawa as guest speaker during the University's Israel Apartheid Week. Omars speeches, his books, his remarks about Jews and Israel always cross over into hate, which apparently can be justified under the auspices of free speech to liberal idiots like Seamus Wolfe, and his intellectual frauds of the Ottawa Student Federation, and their equally idiotic 'brothers and sisters in solidarity' at the Canadian Federation of Students.

The Motto of The University of Ottawa Student Federation is HATE SPEECH FROM ME. NOT FROM YOU.


Hate Speech, Rita Valeriano & Ottawa University


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