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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Michael Yon: Saving Face. Shameful Allegations

Michael Yon: Shameful Allegations

In a lame attempt to save face Michael Yon continues to "spin" with regards to his litany of assumptions and shameless allegations about BG Menard, Canadian troops, and "the bridge" incident.

Notice how he writes that NOW he needs his final words on this matter to be "precise"

Apparently Yon didn't need to have his first words on the subject be "precise" nor did he feel the need to "much fact checking" during the FOUR he spent days laying ALL the blame on BG Menard, defaming Canadian soldiers, and demanding BG Menard 'be fired'.

Still waiting for Yon to demand BG Ben Hodges be fired but of course that won't happen because this really isn't about accountability or "getting US scrutiny".

From Mike's FaceBook Page

A substantial update is coming. Much fact checking. Canadians seem to think they are off the hook. Not so. This is meant to be my final words on the topic and so must be precise. Some Canadians seem to think they are singled out (apparently oblivious to the even more substantial brushes with US and British). If Canadians are going to command US forces, they will get US scrutiny. Like it or not. There will be an apology from me: BG Menard was not the only one to fumble this, but definitely was partly responsible.
A lot of assumptions were made that I made assumptions. In fact, I was duly informed when making statements. But there was more information that took some squeezing to get.

Stand by...


I was "duly informed" but there was "more information that took squeezing to get"
A sad attempt to save face as Yon moves between vindicating his legacy and vitiating it.

If any MSM journalist had written the above statement after spending FOUR days attacking, accusing, and defaming any Brig.General in the AMERICAN Military and insulting American troops, as Yon did with Canadian Brig.Gen Menard and Canadian troops, Yon, would very rightly, be all over him and Yon's fan base would be right to applaud him.

But apparently when Yon stoops to this level especially about the Canadian military - his fan base circles the wagons and attempts to overlook it or justify it through denial.

I admire loyalty, but blind loyalty serves no good purpose.

Yon is no better than the worst MSM when he behaves like this and his fans become nothing more than enablers when they let him get away with it.

One should note that Yon has NEVER insulted nor defamed any AMERICAN OR UK soldiers or "boots on the ground" Commanders, so his crap about "if Canadians are going to command US forces, they are coming under US scrutiny" speaks to his real agenda.

Michael Yon: Shameful Allegations


  • At 1:34 PM, March 07, 2010, Blogger Grave Walker said…

    My comments on Yon's Facebook page were deleted --- not by me --- when I was critical of his frenzy of postings attacking the Canadians and General Menard specifically.

    I have never seen such disgraceful behavior.. But, his 'fan club' was fine with anything he said.

    I can't apologize for him, but as an American, I am ashamed of his behavior. I am proud of the Canadians and the work they have done along side of us. They have paid in blood and treasure. God bless them all.

  • At 2:22 PM, March 07, 2010, Blogger DangerGirl said…

    Hi Grave Walker

    Yon prevented me from posting any further comments when I, too, was critical of his frenzy postings attacking Canadians and BG Menard.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, and thank you for kind words of support.

    Michael Yon can no longer be trusted.
    He has behaved as shamelessly as the MSM and his supporters, have proven to be shameless hypocrites.

    Yon cannot silence me on Twitter NOR on MY Facebook page NOR on MY Blog, nor can he silence you either.

    God bless the Canadian and American troops.

  • At 10:32 AM, March 11, 2010, Blogger Grave Walker said…

    Have you seen today's piece? I guess he decided against the apology and went with self-adulation. He's a real jerk.


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