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Friday, March 12, 2010

Michael Yon: Lying or Just Poor Research.Pick Poison

Update March 12 2010

Strategic Afghan Bridge Rebuilt In Coordinated Allied Effort

Because of its proximity to the airfield, the bridge falls within the Royal Air Force Regiment's area of responsibility. As part of the main southern highway to Pakistan, the bridge is patrolled by U.S. army Stryker vehicles and is guarded by the Afghan National Police.

On March 6th Yon admitted he owed BG Menard apology for his false accusations / lies
about Menard, and would deliver it, and yet he has steadfastly refused to do so despite saying he would.
"The accounting will include an apology from me to General Menard".

In an attempt to deflect from his own shoddy reporting, Yon falsely accuses Canwest of being
in sleeping in the pocket of the Canadian Military.

He also accused Bill Roggio of sleeping in the the pocket of the American Military Public Affairs Office when Roggio wouldn't support Yon's accusation that the US Military was censoring him when they denied Yon the right to embed for almost a year.

And in the same manner as he is doing now, with Canwest, he proceeded to vindictatively attack Roggio's credibility in a series of emails to a highly influential group of Milbloggers and Milblog supporters and refused to attend Milblog Convention as a speaker if Roggio was to be on the panel. Yon was relentless, unfair, wrong, and purely motivated by anger because Roggio did not agree that Yon being censored by the Military. Roggio believed it was Yon's own actions that had resulted in his embed being denied. Because Roggio was being allowed to embed, Yon decided to start a personal smear campaign against Bill.

And then he writes this:
Canwest is toying with flat out lying by indicating that Strykers were part of the security. (Lying or just poor research. Pick posion.)

One can the same of Yon when it came to his flat out lies about BG Menard and smeared Canadian troops. Lying or poor research - pick your poison, Yon!


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