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Monday, April 19, 2010

Michael Yon:UNHINGED. Milbloggers Intervention

As of yesterday Michael Yon is still lying & laying FALSE blame on BG Menard for something that BG Ben Hodges acknowledged was HIS responsibility

They were under command of BG Menard. Their battalion (2-508th Infantry Parachute Regiment of the 82nd Airborne) remains in one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan, under command of BG Menard

This battalion should not be under command of a general who allows a strategic bridge to be blown up.

Then he writes this piece of insanity on the same day he gets dis - embedded ( translation he was kicked out of his embed and denied future embeds) for what is NOW the 4th time in his short lived career:

"Is there an Afghan Patriot? A Leader who cares more about Afghanistan than himself? Karzai's Afghanistan is not worthy of western support. If Afghanistan wants our support, they need to get rid of this guy. Karzai is an obstacle to progress."

According to Bruce over at FLIT,

Yon apparently can't see why enabling that sort of unique perspective of his would be a problem for American commanders right now.

Instead, he blames COMISAF personally, and goes on a bit of a tear. Apparently the American 4-star should be fired, too. Or executed. I'm not clear which:

McChrystal's crew has spoken: Embed is ended. This comes from McChrystal's own spokesman (through one CPT Jane Campbell USN cc RADM Greg Smith and COL Wayne Shanks USA). This lends confirmation to ideas that the disembed came from McChrystal's crew. (If not before, 100% now.) McChrystal cannot be trusted to tell the truth about this war. Packing my bags.

And then more lies as Yon slips closer to self destruction:

The disembed from McChrytal’s top staff (meaning from McChrystal himself) is a very bad sign. Sends chills that McChrystal himself thinks we are losing the war. McChrystal has a history of covering up. This causes concern that McChrystal might be misleading SecDef and President.
Are they getting the facts?

Followed by this insanity, proving to many that Michael Yon has officially become UNHINGED

Life was good before I went to Iraq. But after three friends were killed during the GWOT, and my growing mistrust for the media and for the US Government/Military, I quit traveling the world and went to war. The United States was in peril. I am American. Today, I do not trust McChrystal anymore than some people trust the New York Times, Obama or Bush. If McChrystal could be trusted, I would go back to my better life. McChrystal is a great killer but this war is above his head. He must be watched.

Words Fail!

But today there are plenty of words from the Milblog community that has FINALLY decided to go public with an 'intervention' in the hopes that Yon might see the light.

Got to wonder where they all were when Yon spent a month lying about BG Menard and Canadian Troops. Their silence back then was deafening.

While Matt (Blackfive) may not have been aware of the bridge incident and the lies Yon spewed about Menard, the idea that NO ONE else that writes for B5 or comments over there, had ANY idea about Yon's well publicized lies ----which not only appeared on Yon's Facebook page for over two weeks, but made the Canadian and UK papers, went viral on twitter and was discussed on several major Canadian Military website forums, andseveral well respected Canadian milblogs, even his his alleged apology appeared on Breitbart's website --- is a bridge too far for me to cross.

Especially since all Mike had to do was write ONE paragraph bad mouthing McChrystal and suddenly it makes the radar screen of Blackfive and company, and results in all this "concern" that necessitates an intervention from 10 milbloggers.

The Bridge incident was the beginning of the end for Yon & THEN would have been the time for this intervention by the milblog community. Instead, they had Mike speak at their event.

Meanwhile, those who were aware of the bridge incident, including many in the Military, reached out to Mike on his Facebook page at that time and tried to offer up their own mini version of an intervention by offering support for his previous work but expressing concern over these lies and the direction his work has been taking. They got banned and those that didn't just recently left and told Michael to remove them from his mailing list after having waited patiently for Mike to come to his senses only to hear him spew forth lies about McChrystal and lie about the reason he was fired from his embed.

Mike doesn't care about the opinions of those who disagree with him or call him out on his lies and his irrational behavior. He doesn't care about kind, respectful, supportive interventions. He spins all this to make everyone seem misguided at best, and a liar at worst --- which is exactly what he did on his FB page when others tried a similar albeit smaller version of an intervention and which is what he'll do with Matt and the millbloggers who participated in the intervention.

While their concern is admirable ---it is far too late. Mike has already slipped into the abyss. He's gone over the edge. Its like these milbloggers decided to bolt the barn door after long after the horse has escaped.

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  • At 11:52 PM, April 19, 2010, Blogger Doug Wright-OG said…

    Huntress: My Grandmother was Canadian, which makes me interested in Canada! Got at least 2-third cousins who served in the CF, one retired after 26-years and did a lot of service overseas on CF peacekeeping missions; who knows what else.

    Anyway, there'a damned little we heard down here about the Canadian Forces, except their reputation is top notch from those who've written about them in the USA media.

    Since you're both Canadian and Yank, maybe you could point us Yanks to blogs serving the CF folks. Maybe you've done so in the past but not known by me.

    Too many of use are unaware of the closeness between Canada and the USA or how inter-related we are in fact.



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