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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blame It On Nasty US Right Wing Populism!

Unable to make an intellectual argument as to why I  shouldn't vote for Rob Ford, or why I should vote for any other candidate, Rob Ford's opponents and his haters, including the editorial staff at The Toronto Star, and almost every major media and new media outlet, have done nothing more than resort to endless ad-hominem abuse, pleas to vote for anyone but Ford, and in what has to be one of the wackiest acts of desperation, have resorted to blaming the tea party movement in the US!

In The Toronto Star, on Sept 19th, Christopher Hume,  who can't articulate an intelligent reason not to vote for Ford, concedes that Ford will win the race, but not because issues surrounding "transit, traffic, economics, governance, the environment, even art and architecture matter to voters" but  rather  because this election is about " anger, anger at everything, but especially Toronto City Council and “Toronto elites.”

There you go folks. That's it. The issues don't matter. It's all about anger!  But wait....apparently this anger really isn't OUR anger.

According to Hume, Rob Ford supporters  don't care about the issues, NOR are they legitimately angry at the Toronto City Council or the Unions, or the mess created by big spending left wing Union coddling politicians like David Miller, or the fiasco that is Harbor Front, or the ever increasing crime rate, or the sad state of the Toronto Education system, or the NON STOP construction of Condos, Condos, and MORE Condos, or the myriad of transit issues starting with a highly mismanaged union controlled TTC system, or the never ending vehicular and pedestrian traffic;  nor are we angry about an infrastructure that is crumbling under the weight of an increasing city population, not only in our city core, but in the surrounding GTA.

According to Hume, Ford supporters are just caught up in the "nasty right-wing populism sweeping North America".

AS IF what is happening in the US with the tea party movement ( which is really what he means) has ANY bearing on a Toronto Mayoral Race. 

This is argument that Hume and his ilk, especially at The Toronto Star, and most Ford haters, have reduced themselves to simply because they can't make an intellectual argument for not supporting Rob Ford!

Nor can they understand why Ford has resonated viscerally with an overwhelming majority of Torontonians.  We must all be under the spell of that Tea Party Movement and the tsumani of right wing populism that has swept throughout the US and crossed the border into Toronto.

Provided all the Ford supporters show up and vote, Ford has won this race hands down and he deserves to win when the best his opponents and haters can do is stoop to ad-hominem attacks on him, on his supporters, and now on 'right wing' US populists.


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