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Friday, August 26, 2005

Have A Little Faith

"You prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies." -Psalm 23:5

Sgt B. over at The Gun Line has written an insightful, almost poetic post entitled "A Grunt and A God"

I've seen men who, by all rights, should be dead, who walk out of the fire unscathed.
Coincidences? Maybe, but I'm not going to try to wrap my mind around the dynamics; they're too big for me... I'm going to give God the benefit of the doubt, and continue to march...

After all, He's God, right?

Have a little faith...

Or just ask the Marines of the 1st Btn, 5th Regiment. There are some places where you just don't expect to find God. One of those places was downtown Baghdad. When the smoke settled, God's footprints were clearly visible.

A Table In The Presence, by Lt.Carey Cash, chaplain serving with the US Marines, is the stirring, evocative, eloquent, dramatic firsthand account of how this Btn experienced God's presence amidst the chaos of the war in Iraq.

You will believe!


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