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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Boycott "SHOCK" Magazine - REDUX

Update: Not even the media is buying Jack Kliger's pathetic ad hominen attacks on Michael Yon's character and on all of us who are boycotting HFM's piece of trash, "Shock" , as well as the rest of HFM's mags.

Desperate SHOCK Exec Smears Boycotters

As the New York Post reports today, Yon and his readers and fellow bloggers are beating the media giant. Borders and Rite Aid have just added their names to a growing list of retailers that are refusing to stock Shock because of consumer complaints. The bad news is, like a cornered snake, Shock exec Jack Kliger is calling up retailers and smearing the boycott effort as some kind of astroturf campaign.
From theOnline Press Gazette out of the UK
The US version of Shock is fighting for its shelf life.

From the Boston Herald
French Company whines over photo: Yon fans want mag pulled

Update: CEO Jack Kliger suffers SHOCK and AWE by the impact consumer complaints are bringing to bear Hachette, even as he attempts to deflect from the truth - that HFM used the picture without authorization, and reneged on a tentative settlement. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE. Check out Blackfive's latest post.

Update: Shock Magazine renegs on deal.

A deal is only good if both parties adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of the terms. Within days of announcing that we’d reached a tentative settlement agreement with HFM, the French publishing conglomerate, for their unauthorized use of my photograph on the cover of their inaugural issue of SHOCK magazine, we learned of the first instance of HFM already violating the spirit of the proposed settlement. Now, on Friday of the same week that began with both parties announcing having come to potential agreement, and before final signatures could be affixed to the legal documents, it is clear that HFM has broken faith with the deal.
Let's stand by Michael - make your voices heard through emails and phone calls, and boycott ALL magazines from HFM.

Let your actions speak loudly! "Stealing someone's intellectual property is a crime"and worse, using Mike's most ICONIC picture in an all to obviously flagrant attempt to profit from discrediting and demonizing American soldiers, is REPRENENSIBLE, AND THEN to RENEGE on a tentative settlement is contemptible, deplorable , and dispicable, and repungnant.

Not surprising from SHOCK magazine.

But that HFM - publishers of Elle, Road & Track, Woman's Day, American Photo, Car and Driver, to name a few- would condone such actions is incomprehensible!

For a long list of Hachette Filapacci Medias publications, newspapers, and Lagardere investments, click here


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