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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Losing Ground In Afghanistan

It's not often I agree with anything I read in the New Yorks Times, especially Editorials.
And its not often that the Times lends support to the idea that we cannot afford to lose the war on terrorism to our enemies.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to come across this honest, balanced and realistic editorial titled "Losing Ground In Afghanistan"

Building a stable Afghanistan that can stand up to the Taliban once Western soldiers leave is going to take many years, many billions of dollars and more foreign troops for longer than most Western governments are now prepared to contemplate. Yet signs of fatigue with the Afghan mission are already beginning to appear in Western capitals, including Washington. These must be resisted.

Washington made the mistake of premature disengagement once before, after the 1989 Soviet withdrawal. That opened the door to the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Sept. 11. If America now means to be serious about combating international terrorism, it cannot make the same mistake twice.

To anyone familiar with all of Michael Yon's dispatches from Afghanistan, this editorial will ring true.

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