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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Stupid Does He Think We Are.

Kudos to Adam Lawson for articulating what we are all thinking:

So a guy hollows out a book and hides a box cutter in it. The airport catches this on an X-ray scan of his stuff. A box cutter hidden inside of a hollowed out book. Think about it. How likely is it that this is an accident? I vote that there is no likelihood this moron accidentally hollowed out a book and put a box cutter in it, then accidentally carried it with him to an airport. The full story is at Michelle Malkin’s site, linkage. It gets better:

TSA and airport officers charged him because “he was black and carrying the Koran,” he said.

I vote he goes to jail for another year for trying to play the race card and pretending that we’re all a bunch of racist lunatics, when he’s the peckerwood with a box cutter in a hollowed out book. The fact he’s pretending somehow he’s the victim makes me just want to smite him with a Clue Stick.

Can we say "Terrorist Test Run"??!!


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