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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Jihad Jane: On Vegetable Oil and Tours of Duty

Vegetable Oil and Tours of Duty is Oliver North's kick in the ass to Jihad Jane.

Hanoi Jane" Fonda seems to have tired of her moniker. The wilted flower child who firmly established her place in American history when she mounted a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun has decided it's time to teach a whole new generation to blame America first.

He offers up great suggestions as to which morons from the MSM and which "A" List Left Wing Politicians should join the tour, and mentions a few places that should absolutely be included in her tour itinerary:

..... swing by a few sites in Texas to tell soldiers they're "fighting and dying for lies." Fort Hood -- home of the 4th Infantry Division -- might work. These soldiers that I covered for FOX News have already spent a year in Iraq -- and they are getting ready to go again! They clearly need your help because they are reenlisting at a phenomenal pace -- the unit has already exceeded its retention goals for the entire year.

Be sure to visit the graves of America's heroes at Arlington Cemetery before making your final stop at a polished granite wall on the National Mall. There, you will find inscribed the names of 58,249 heroes you spat upon when perched atop that VC gun.

And then he makes mention of something dear to my heart....sadly I was unable to make it to DC to meet up with Chris....but I've been in touch with him via cellphone....and its been wonderful to hear him speak so excitedly about meeting the" heart" of America.

Hopefully at some point during your Jihadist journey, you will bump into Sgt. Christopher Missick of the 319th Signal Battalion. While in Iraq, Missick met hundreds of good Americans through his blog, "A Line in the Sand." Home now, he and a fellow veteran are driving around the country -- fueled by conventional gasoline -- to meet some of the patriots -- his "Web of Support" -- who sent letters, packages and prayers. He wants to personally thank them and "meet the heart of America."

That's the kind of support the troops appreciate, not your caravan of craven critics.

Are you listening Jihad Jane? The person lying to the American public is YOU!!! ...you can't act, you weren't sincere about regretting your actions during VietNam, and being alone is too painful so you run back into the spotlite to get your fix of attention........

Go To Hell Jihad Jane. There will be a place waiting for you next to Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy,Katherine Baker Knoll, not to far down from Pol Pot, Hitler, "Uncle" Joe Stalin, and all those homicide bombers who have taken not only their lives, but also those of innocent children, men, and women, on planes trains and subways, in London, Madrid, New York City, and DC!

I wonder...is there a group discount for eternal housing in Hell?

*thanx David for noticing a major faux pas.....I, of all people, should better than to confuse Oliver North with Oliver Stone!*


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