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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pat Dollard on Pundit Review Tonite

You don't know who Pat Dollard is??

Michael Fay talked about Pat in Feb 2006 "By The Twos"

Pat Dollard, is a wild eyed zealot freshly descended from the mountain living on locusts and honey. He has found his long lost tribe, the Marines, and he's gone unapologetically native. A former Hollywood talent agent and producer, he's now living out a Hunter S. Thompsonesque complete immersion into the Heart of Darkness I now see the light who are these incredible human beings called Marines experience. Other than a usually unshaved mug, lack of rank insignia and weapon, he is indistinguishable from the jarheads he follows everywhere with camera shouldered and jaunty cigarette dangling from his lip. But don't let this description lead you to believe that Dollard is not the genuine article or that he's going off half-cocked with nary a plan. This is an articulate film maker on a mission. There is method in his madness and hopefully in the very near future the fruits of his labor will grace our television screens.

And so did Froggy over at Blackfive

I ran across Pat Dollard's website tonight, and let me tell you something. If you don't know anybody in the military, spend 10 minutes watching his videos and then you will. Apparently, Pat is a former Hollywood type that went to Iraq on his own dime like Michael Yon and Bill Rogio to spend time in the field with the Marines serving in the Triangle of Death south of Baghdad. While his combat footage is great, better still are the video interviews of the Marines, contractors, and Iraqi soldiers.

Tonite Pat will be interviewed on Pundit Review.
You can listen to the show live via internet here

Head over to Hollywood Interrupted and read his dispatches here, here and here

FYI - MarkEbner, who created Hollywood Interrupted, is inVegas pursing an interesting story with my friend, ''The Producer" who I shall be staying with during my upcoming trip to Hollywood.

Yes...the rumours are true...this Hollywood Refugee will be visiting her former homebase and stomping ground in early August. Look for the tabloid s to be filled with salicious stories about me and Triumph, the insult dog :>)


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