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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stranger Than Fiction

Mustang 23 at Assumption of Command has posted the truth about the many successes we continue to have in Iraq, and wonders IF this news has appeared in the MSM?

NOPE it hasn't for the most part because UNLESS it appears in the NY TIMES, then its just NOT REAL, ITS JUST NOT THE TRUTH, IT JUST CAN'T BE SO!!

The MSM won't feature any news out of Iraq that doesn't support their bullshit left wing agenda. Why feature the truth when you can instead feature the ramblings of a known liar like Bob Herbert, who deliberately lies and/or misrepresents the truth to suit his left wing "I hate Bush, wa wa ...we shouldn't have gone to war with Iraq, wa wa.... Iraq is failure, wa wa....people died agenda.

His latest piece of crap is an Op-Ed piece which is filled with so much shit that the one or two lines of truth that are buried so deep become inconsequential.

The world now knows that the weapons of mass destruction were a convenient fiction. Less well known is that bumbling administration officials eagerly embraced the ravings of a foreign intelligence source known, believe it or not, as "Curveball." He helped promote the fantasy that Iraq had mobile laboratories for the manufacture of biological weapon

What he doesnt mention is that caches of wmd's have been found all over Iraq, and that every scientist that worked under Saddam lied to him about their weapons program out of fear that telling Shitdam anything he didn't want to hear would result in their deaths. So basically the information Curveball had was true...or so he was being led to believe.

Bob- like all left wing types- simply chooses to harp on WMDS without ever mentioning the other reasons that we ousted Saddam. Apparently he is either too stoned or too stupid, or both to be able to speak intelligently about the War on Terror and what's really going on in Iraq!

Shut up Bob, you're wearing your ignorance on your sleeve, and you wear it with pride and arrogance. Sooooo unbecoming!

Bush and Co. sent far fewer troops into the war, and many of them were never properly trained or equipped. The results have been nightmarish. Roadside bombs have caused 70 percent of American casualties in Iraq. The military was not prepared for this tactic and has had a miserable record providing protective armor for Humvees and other vehicles carrying soldiers and marines. So G.I.'s
from the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the history of the world have been dying because their nation wouldn't give them up-to-date combat vehicles

I suggest he stops pretending to speak on behalf of the Marines and Soldiers, and starts LISTENING to what THEY HAVE TO SAY

The United States is now stuck with a war it should never have started. The violence continues to rage out of control. The latest fantasy out of Washington is that somehow, miraculously, Iraqi troops will be able to take over and win the war that we couldn't.

OMG what kind of SHIT are you smoking Bob? I'm changing your name to BOOB Herbert! The violence rages out of control?
Over 85% of Iraq is NOT under seige, remains stable, and beginning to prosper in ways unimaginable under Shitdam.

Maybe he should actually talk to Iraqi's and better yet, really LISTEN to what they are saying instead of holding imaginary conversations in his head, with himself!

Perhaps he should read what a deployed blogger has writes in
Opinion Inc. Bryan continues to post about how relatively calm and trouble free his part of Iraq is!!

If President Bush had consulted with his father before launching this clownish, disastrous war, he might have gotten some advice that would have pointed him in a different direction and spared his country - and the families of the many thousands dead - a lot of grief.

If Boob Herbert had consulted with the thousands of Iraqi's and deployed troups he might have an iota of an idea of what the REALITY is like in Iraq, and we would be spared the grief of having to endure more of his stinking shit!


  • At 9:37 AM, May 10, 2005, Anonymous BillT said…

    All part of the Balance, Lady Huntress. Everyone has a purpose in life, and Mister Herbert's is dual.

    Primus: to serve as a horrible example of the blind idiocy rampant in the MSM.

    Secundus: to serve as an impetus to your continued posting.

    For those two, we must be grateful to such as Mr. Herbert and hope that his delusions become ever more pronounced...


  • At 12:34 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger Huntress said…

    ROFLMAO! I so adore you, Bill!

    Sadly....that blind idiocy also runs rampant among most of the left wing elite...and even among the left wing hoary masses!

  • At 2:19 AM, May 13, 2005, Anonymous BillT said…

    Question: Is one's status elevated from left wing prole to left wing elite based on the demonstrable percentage of hypocrisy or of hubris in one's character (or lack of)?

    Inquiring minds want to know...but losing absolutely no sleep over it.


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