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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Sgt.B, at The Gun Line, tells it like it is!

In a rant worthy of my deepest respect, he sets the record straight on exactly WHO the bad guys are. (Hint: IT AIN'T US)

America needs to gain a greater understanding of who the bad guys are. They're the ones blowing up innocents in the streets of Bagdad, and they're the ones who sit in Congress, with a skewed and malicious perception of their own importance, and a pathetic attempt to paint a bunch of murdering thugs, bound up in a "religion" that would gleefully put you, your children, your family, your pastor, your doctor, your friends under the knife, as honorable warriors of a just cause...

We didn't start this, folks.
THEY did.

We don't subscribe to a philosophy of "conversion by the word or by the sword"
THEY do.

We may cause civilian casualties, because somebody stepped in front of a tank round, or somebody passed bad intelligence, but our combat commanders don't wake up in the morning and decide to go out and blow up a group of school kids.
THEY do.

We don't kidnap non-combatants, parade them before the world, and then saw their heads off. THEY do.
We adhere to the laws of war, fielding uniformed combatants, avoiding supposed "sacred structures", and treating the indiginous population with as much respect as can be mustered in light of the security situation.
THEY don't.

We bring freedom. Freedom of action, freedom of thought, freedom of life.
THEY don't.

To all you MSM elites, Leftwing losers, candy ass democrats, the ACLU, the Hollywood fuckwits, and every other self proclaimed intelligentsia/progressive that doesnt fucking get it,

If the Global War on Terror is to succeed, there is a need for OUR INTELLIGENCE SERVICES as well as those of OTHER COUNTRIES, and for the fuckwits mentioned above, to take careful note of how the Mossad goes about its business. It can be HARSH BEYOND BELIEF to its ENEMIES.

And if you left wing morons still don't get it....let me share with you what Dusty has to say:

What really galls is what the POWs in Vietnam suffered compared to what these murdering, lying, motley bunch of intellectually stunted, malignant bags of skin in that Cuban resort are "suffering" through. A damn sight less than Cubans, by God, but that's another story...

.....what I know, what I've seen, what I've experienced, continuously reinforces my conviction that America has freed more people from tyranny than any civilization to have inhabited this planet. We've done it with our blood, sweat, tears and breathtaking, mind-boggling and wholly voluntary sacrifice. Do we make mistakes? Of course we do. But ONE bad bunch on ONE shift on ONE night in Abu Ghraib...or ACCIDENTALLY dropping a Muslim holy book on the floor...or whatever...does not a despotism make.

And in case you fuckwits STILL don't get it, Blackfive will help enlighten you:

... fifteen of the inmates at Abu Ghraib were terrorists who killed my friend Major Mat Schram. While I abhor the actions of the admin clerk, her idiot MP boyfriend, and others there, you should realize that the worst that we do is put panties on their heads (or for two week, had dogs bark at the 20th hijacker or women interrogators use their "charms"). The worst they do is remove heads of prisoners. That's no zero sum game and it's not "tit-for-tat". Far from it...

And this comment from Badbob, posted at Blackfive, on June 13th, sums it all up beautifully "

All I'm saying is that these 10th century, psycopathic Islamofacists are having a cake-walk at Gitmo. The interrogation "story" I read today-"Inside the Interrogation of Detainee 063" in Time proves my point. Most of them are living better than they ever have in their entire lives. With the exception of a few, inevitable errors made by individual guards/interrogators who were/will be held ACCOUNTABLE our treatment of these "killers" has been beyond anything required of us.



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