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Saturday, June 04, 2005

High Noon For High News

Victor Davis Hansen shares his insight about the problems endemic in the MSM!

It's easy to see why people no longer feel they can rely on a CBS News or a Newsweek for information without bias. At CBS, Dan Rather persistently wished us to believe that a clearly forged memo was authentic. Michael Isikoff's reliance on a single anonymous and unreliable source about supposed desecration of the Quran made an already jaded public believe that Newsweek was too eager to deliver a one-sided story.

These recent controversies about our flagship news agencies were old news to the public. The New York Times still has not recovered from the Jayson Blair scandal, in which a young reporter wrote fictitious stories. Blair's compliant editors worried more about political correctness than the qualifications and experience of their own reporters.

The same syndrome was true earlier at The Washington Post and The Boston Globe, which were red-faced over the fabrications of reporter Janet Cooke and columnist Patricia Smith, respectively.

In other example of media bias, CNN executive Eason Jordan confessed that his network had censored coverage of a mass-murdering Saddam Hussein — and later tossed offhanded false allegations that the American military deliberately targeted journalists in Iraq.

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