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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sleeping With The Enemy!

From Michael Yon's latest blog entry:

"A fanatic who straps a bomb to his chest and walks into a market crowded with women and children, then detonates a bomb that is sometimes laced with rat poison to hamper blood coagulation, is properly called a "mass murderer." There is nothing good to say about mass murderers, nor is there anything good to say about a person who encourages these murders. Calling these human bomb delivery devices "suicide bombers" is simply incorrect. They are murderers. A person or media source defending or explaining away the actions of the murderers supports them. There is no wiggle room"

Hey! Left wing activists, MSM elites, ACLU members, Hollywood "intelligentsia" ......are you listening?????

Its about
time someone called out the pseudo PC crap that spews from you terrorist loving, Al Queda supporting, so called "progressives".

How "progressive" is it to support MASS MURDERERS, and to attempt to use your PC words to EXONERATE their actions? I do understand why you do it..because calling a Mass Murderer an "insurgent", a "Suicide bomber", or a "Martyr," thus elevating him to the morally ambiguous, yet highly acceptable rock star stature of a "Rebel with a Cause", helps you to feel justified in your misguided hatred for our troups, our President, and the War on Terror, and now you sleep peacefully at night!


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