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Friday, May 20, 2005

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Bryon York, recently appeared on The O'Reilly Factor.

I just finished reading his book, Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, which shines the spotlite on the dark side of Elitist Liberals, who spearheaded byBillionaire George Soros, Wes Boyd and Joan Blades( founders of MoveOn.org) Michael Moore, Ariana Huffington, Eli Parisier(a liberal activist) and David Pickering(an aspiring filmmaker now living in PARIS FRANCE ( nuff said!) who believed that 9/11 offered a chance for peace if the American gov't could be persuaded NOT to defend itself militarily) believed they would deny George Bush a second term and do it by a huge landslide. Under the illusion that they represented the" real majority", they would send a message to Republicans, to George Bush, and to Evangelical Christians, and the message would be " MOVE ON".

What went wrong????

York explains the"Illusion of the Majority" in which these left wing activitists "conjured up the the ILLUSION of a national majority that ended up fooling even its creators!"

The mindset of Soros is what I find contemptable and equally laughable because its so arrogant and so freaking stupid I have to wonder how this man was able to become a successful capitalist Billionaire! A man who is so stupid yet so rich is as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden!

York tell us that SorASS didnt understand WHY Americans were upset about the destruction of the WTC, the Carnage of the Pentagon, and the Crash of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. THIS ASSHAT DOESNT UNDERSTAND WHY AMERICANS REACTED AS THEY DID????!!!

Soros believes the BEST COURSE OF ACTION would have been for Pres. Bush to offer massive foreign aid, enact equitable trade laws, and for the US to be a kinder, gentler more co operative member of the world community! In other words, lets enact the Marshal Plan BEFORE we had won WW2!!


I'll spare you how ACT, (America Coming Together) used an elaborate sleight of hand to allow itself to violate established standards governing these kind of organizations, standards that liberals had insisted on and voted for! ( Can we spell Hypocrite?) In the end these left wing activistswho bought into their own bullshit and illusions, convinced themselves they could alter the election outcome because they believed they were expanding their appeal and swaying the majority of voters.


One of my favorite chapters details what I already KNEW to be true about Michael MoRONS POS Farenhype 9/11.

The crap about Mike's POS touching the heartland was nothing more than hype. Means Girls, Barbershop 2, Starsky and Hutch, to name a few, all outdid FH911 at the box office.

Movie studios use Neilsen to track ticket sales city by city, market by market, and SCREEN BY SCREEN; York got a view at the Neisen numbers which reveal a totally different picture than the one Michael Moore and the liberal media painted!

I had begun tracking the numbers on my own during the summer, and was loudly, diligently and passionately screaming to all within hearing range that this MOCKUMENTARY was NOT doing well as compared to other releases, and that my spidey senses were telling me that it was dramatically underperforming throughout most of the country. My Hollywood friends refused to believe me, as did most left wing liberals on the message boards where I posted, and sadly, my family who hate Pres Bush, also refused to believe me . I am vindicated by the numbers produced in York's book: numbers that liberals and my family will still refute...but then again...why let truth stand in the way of wishful fantasies!

In most cities across America including Los Angeles, F911 UNDERPERFORMED, ( meaning it sold less tickets than the standard set for that city) It did OVERPERFORM in the next 7 largest markets, and it did well in several smaller markets. But unlike the hyperbole spewed by Michael and the MSM about how this movie was taking the heartland by storm, the real picture painted is one where F911 did well in Blue States ONLY, and really well in Canada (SADLY) . But since Canadians don't vote in US elections, Canadian markets are irrelevant.

The truth is the numbers reveal that FAR from being a runaway hit nationwide ( which Moore and the MSM claimed) the mocumentary UNDERPERFORMED throughout Red states and the all important SWING STATES.

Farenheit 911 should be aptly re- named FarenHYPE 11/04!

And what's even more interesting is that the day after the election dems and left wing activists could not fathom WHY and HOW they had lost the election. Later Dems would ask themselves if perhaps Moore's movie had done more harm than good as they wondered What went wrong?

York answers that " although Moore himself probably knew it at the time, Farenheit 9/11 never had the sort of national appeal its maker and publicists claimed"

York goes on to summarize that "even though liberal activists had organized historic numbers of people and raised historic amounts of money...to defeat GW Bush, they failed because they did not represent the "real majority" of Americans, despite their deeply held belief that they did!"

In effect, a number of the groups in the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy were CLOSED LOOPS, "circles of like minded people who appealed almost exclusively to other like minded people but who at the same time exhorted on another into thinking that their appeal stretched far beyond their circle. Before the election living inside their closed loops, they were not able to scan the horizon to see that the were in fact outnumbered by the other guys!"

York goes on to explain that Move On.org was a 2.5 million member closed loop.

Soros was a one man closed loop, "who believed before the election that the majority of Americans agreed with him, and after the election believed that they had somehow all gone crazy".
( now there's the pot calling the kettle black!)

ACT was a closed loop and those who attended F911 were the same members of that same closed loop who reaffirmed their passionate hate for George Bush.

This closed loop overlapped: people who belong to MoveOn, watched F911, contributed to ACT, and listened to Air America. Throw in an MSM that was hellbent on forwarding and supporting a left wing agenda, and you understand why LIBERALS /DEMOCRATS were all under the spell of their own illusion! The irony of that fact is not lost on me when I consider how many left wing activists accused those Americans, who did not agree with them, of being DELUSIONAL!

York cautions us to remember that this Vast Left Wing Conspiracy is still poised to come on strong in 2008, and might very well succeed. He cites that the one thing that they could not control( apart from believing their own hype) was that this country was at war, and that voters did not trust Kerry to conduct that war!

In 2008 things might be different!

Heaven help us all!


  • At 12:48 PM, May 21, 2005, Anonymous BillT said…

    "...Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, which shines the spotlite on the dark side of Elitist Liberals, who spearheaded by Billionaire George Soros, Wes Boyd and Joan Blades(founders of MoveOn.org) Michael Moore, Ariana Huffington, Eli Parisier(a liberal activist) and David Pickering..."

    Shining the spotlight on the dark side, eh? You're more generous than I, Lady Huntress.

    I had presumed that bi-dimensional cartoon characters were entirely single-sided...


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