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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Monster in Law

"Nighttime is the Rightime to be with the one you love"

While Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are sizzling up the tabloids, their exes -Michael Vartan and J-Lo -are creating major heat of their own in the first hit of the summer season, MONSTER IN LAW.

I was invited to the Canadian premiere of this movie last week, and expected that this movie would be nothing more than mediocre. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!

Not only do Michael and J Lo SIZZLE, but Jane Fonda is HILARIOUS as the soon to be Monster..err Mother in Law, and Wanda Sykes is hilarious as her personal assistant! As much as I hate to admit it...I loved Jane in this movie. Her performance is brilliantly eccentric...... KUDOS to her!

This is a feel good, laugh outloud, melt your heart, date flick..oh okay so I went with my girlfriends...but thats only because I am in LOVE with Michael Vartan and he is best enjoyed without the distracting company of any other male...especially since no guy will come close to measuring up to him! MEEOOOWWWWW! I LOVE HIM...and he's single again! YES....God does love me!!

Huntress has already booked her trip to LA!!! Can we say ALIAS SET VISIT!!!

Michael Vartan *sigh*

As the woman sitting behind me exclaimed as Michael poetically described J Lo's eyes in a scene that left EVERYONE in the theatre BREATHLESS AND SIGHING...."Jennifer Garner dumped HIM for BEN AFFLECK!!!!What was she thinking???!!!!"

She was thinking that Micheal and I would make a MUCH better couple!

Go see my future husband in MONSTER IN LAW!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Ben - they are expecting their first child.


  • At 7:13 AM, May 11, 2005, Anonymous BillT said…

    This might not be the best time to reveal that Michael Vartan only placed second in the annual BillT lookalike contest.

    *sigh* I didn't even finish in the top five...

  • At 11:50 PM, May 12, 2005, Blogger wanda said…

    "as Michael poetically described J Lo's eyes in a scene that left EVERYONE in the theatre BREATHLESS AND SIGHING...."

    Keep in mind some geeky writer wrote those lines. Michael only delivered them on screen.

  • At 12:05 AM, May 13, 2005, Blogger Huntress said…

    Keep in mind that after working with actors for well over nine years I know when someone is truly feeling the part and when he's faking it.......words on paper are irrelevant...its all in how you deliver them.

    And Michael KNOWS how to deliver them.. not because he's a great actor..but because deep down inside, he is a hopeless romantic, still looking for some woman's heart to capture.
    He has mine...and every woman in that theatre!

    Besides...Ive heard him interviewed, unscripted, and he melts your heart with just his smile and the way he openly says, "Im still looking to fall in love, and get married".

    And unscripted..he is charming, funny,articulate, intelligent and one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

  • At 2:09 AM, May 13, 2005, Anonymous BillT said…

    *practicing the "wedding march" on 12-string and harmonica*

    *duet with sarge b. on the pipes frightened all herbivores within three nautical miles*

  • At 4:26 PM, May 16, 2005, Blogger Barb said…

    OMG - Bill and Sgt B making music for a wedding/reception? I don't know about That! Heh...

    Huntress - you sold me on the movie, although with J Lo in it, I'm pretty sure the Hubster won't fight me!

  • At 8:33 PM, May 16, 2005, Blogger Huntress said…

    ROFLMAO....do ya think if I wear white that would be disingenuous???!!

    Ahhh..j'adore Michel!!

  • At 9:22 PM, May 16, 2005, Blogger Barb said…

    Ahh, zee sense of humor, it is strong, yes?!

    Heh - Remind me to tell you about the fuss my SIL caused when getting married to my brother - her second wedding. She wanted to wear white - and her parents were Shocked!

  • At 9:26 PM, May 16, 2005, Blogger Barb said…

    OK - I finally found a pic of him, and yer right - he's gorgeous. But - too young for me - you shall have to take him. No ... I insist!

  • At 9:42 PM, May 16, 2005, Blogger Huntress said…

    ROFLMAO...mais oui...the sense of humeur is *tres funny!

    Ahhh family wedding stories....*sighs* I know them only too well...

    And YES he is *tres fucking gorgeous..
    and when he speaks in french...I just melt.....and those EYES.....my heart be still!

    I think I shall call him CAMPBELL cuz he 's MMMmmmmm MMMMmmmmmm Good!

    There are some things I left behind in Hollyweird ....and HE is definately one of them!

    *sigh* I HEART MICHAEL!!

    *tres - french for "very"
    pronounced TRAY*

  • At 10:41 PM, May 16, 2005, Blogger Barb said…

    Ahh ... Mais Oui, ma petite! Il est tres magnifique!
    [*dang - must go brush up on French!*]


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