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Friday, May 20, 2005

Privileges and Responsibilities

Firepower 5 is a milbloger stationed in Afghanistan. I wondered if he would comment on the Newsweek fiasco. He did!

This is the best blogpost I've read on the aftermath that was ignited in response to the unabashed and incendiary LIES written in Newsweek.

"16 people died in these demonstrations across the country ignited by this reckless reporting and fueled by extremists using any opportunity to destabilize the fledgling democracy. It's a bit surreal watching this occur in a country where the freedom of speech is newly re-discovered. Even when it turned violent, it was a more honest and above board exhibition of free speech than what I saw in Newsweek. Hiding behind the freedoms of the first amendment, Newsweek will never admit to their overt, "progressive", "liberal", "enlightened", or anti-Bush agenda, while publishing an incendiary article under the guise of getting a 3 year old truth "as quickly as possibly".

"Perhaps we have grown so accustomed to the privileges of our freedoms that we forget the responsibilities that accompany it!"

What touched me deeply about what he reported was how the ANA stood their ground against the rioters, while our military offered them guidance from behind the scenes. After reading what Firefox wrote, I have the utmost admiration and respect for the ANA!

I used my copy of Newsweek to pick the fecal excrement from the dog I was walking! It seemed the only appropriate use for this piece of shit magazine!


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