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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

For all who served & all who serve, I can never thank you enough.
May Veterans Day (US) & Remembrance Day (Canada) fill our hearts with gratitude.

Remembrance Day - A Canadian Perspective

Remembrance Day is a time to reflect upon the sacrifices made by those who
served in Canadian Conflicts or peacekeeping roles. We remember those who served
on the front lines, those Canadians who work or worked diligently to help those
injured in battle and those at home who worked in factories. Soldiers, Sailors,
Airmen, Merchant Mariners, Nurses and Doctors, and the families left behind all
deserve acknowledgement.

A Veteran's Day Tribute

Veterans Day, November 11th, is a time to pause and thank our Veterans!

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Stench Of Appeasement.

In the wee hours of this morning, long before the sun rose, I wrote a comment to a post written by Snooper over at Pat Dollard.com, titled "Fort Hood"

Too many unanswered questions!!!

This guy had been on the FBI watch list for several months. Why would anyone who had been heard making derogatory and dissenting remarks about the US involvement in the AFG and Iraq and who had made gruesome internet postings about suicide bombers in Times Square, continue to be allowed on Army base?
How did he get his hands on weapons ON a base where even soldiers aren’t allowed to carry weapons??

Too many warning signs.. too many red flags. Something about this is NOT right. Something Stinks.

Major Kudos to the the Heroine civilian Police Officer Sgt Munley who took down Hassam. I am glad she survived her wounds.

But another victim has just died. My thoughts and prayers are for the victims of this massacre, and their families.

As I watched the the media coverage last night something about the initial narrative being put forward didn't sit well with me. Something stinks, I thought.

By morning, the narrative from the previous night had changed -----but as I watched the morning coverage, a stench still permeated my spidey senses.

"I seem to smell the stence of appeasement in the air "

No sooner had death and destruction been visited again upon our land brought upon us by the hands of our enemy - the ideology of radical Islam - then the stench of appeasement began to fill the air.

It doesn't matter that he's a Muslim. It doesn't matter that he yelled Allahu Akbar before executing his mission; never mind that he shared his hatred for all non Muslims on his website and aloud to some his brothers at Ft Hood.

Let's release the stench of appeasement by calling his actions the result of PTSD. Poor Hasan. He suffered from PTSD. That's what drove him to it.

It was not his well documented fundamentalist Islamic ideology nor his growing hatred for non Muslims that drove Hasan to kill Americans on American soil. It was PTSD.
That's the narrative the keepers of appeasement had filled the air with.

PTSD my ass!!!!! One doesn't get PTSD via osmosis.
The fucker never served in Iraq or Afghanistan, so what horrific event in his life brought on this alleged case of PTSD.

Had a "White Christian Male" committed the same act, you can be certain everyone in the MSM and on the left would be crucifying Christianity, but gawd forbid those on the left and their sycophants in the MSM should have the guts and integrity to acknowledge Hasan's heinous act was motivated by radical Islam---- NOT PTSD.

For heavens sakes, there are 3500 Muslims serving in the Military, and they serve honorably!
To call this act what it is and to identify its motivation honestly instead of attributing it to 'PTSD' is NOT to impugn the entire religion of Islam, nor all Muslims.

It is to speak the truth about RADICAL ISLAM. And it is this truth that those on the left are most afraid to speak. Because this truth TERRIFIES them. Because acknowledging this truth would mean that Pres Bush was right when he said the war we now face is an ideological battle that will not be won easily nor swiftly.

It's battle ground is not limited to foreign lands far from our shores where bombs can be dropped and good soldiers blood will be shed defending our freedoms, while we remain unscathed and go about our daily livesl its battle ground also resides in the hearts and minds of millions of people who not only live in those same distant countries but who also reside on our soil.

And it is on our soil that these small battles in this big war are being waged.

If the largest Military base in America can become a playground of destruction by one lone Muslim gunmen - where are we truly safe? Our malls? Our schools? Our churches? Our synagogues? Our movie theaters? Our cafes, restaurants, bars? Our offices? Hospitals? Our trains? Our buses?

Today on the streets of NY City there are a group of American MUSLIM celebrating what Hasan did. Yes. They. Are. In the city where the twin towers were felled by Islamic terrorists, MUSLIM AMERICANS are rejoicing at the act of terrorism perpetuated by Hasan.


In America it is forced upon us by those who insist we remain politically correct about Islamic Fundamentalism and its adherents, while those same appeasers crucify Christians and Jews, Conservatives and Republicans, even as the Islamic Fundamentalists are KILLING us --- LITERALLY!!


It sounds so beautiful to those on the left. The word rolls off one's tongue so easily. Makes one feel all warm and fuzzy to say it. And it feels so good to apply it.


"the policy of settling international quarrels by admitting and satisfying grievances through rational negotiation and compromise;

"the policy of giving in to demands in order to preserve the peace"

"propitiate, quell, pacify,gain the good will of; To make quiet; to calm; to reduce to a state of peace; to dispel (anger or hatred)"

To dispel anger or hatred!! Hey lefties ---hows that working for you??

History has proven that the appeasement of our enemies has NEVER worked.

Appeasement failed Neville Chamberlain and millions of Europeans when in 1938 the feckless leaders of the West agreed to allow Hitler portions of land in Eastern Europe in order to avoid war.

Appeasement failed 2981 people from over 90 nations on beautiful sunny Fall morning in NY, DC, & PA on Sept 11, 2001.

Appeasement failed 57 Brits and wounded over 700 one sunny Summer morning on July 7,2005 in London.

Appeasement failed 100 people and wounded over 1500 one sunny Spring day in Madrid on March 11,2004.

And yesterday, November 5, 2009, on a sunny afternoon at Ft Hood, in the state of Texas, in the United States of America appeasement ONCE AGAIN failed 13 people ( 14 if you count an unborn child in the womb of its mother) and wounded 31.

But please... let's continue to appease radical Islam by blaming this heinous act of terrorism on 'PTSD'.

Take a deep breath. Can you smell that smell?? It's the stench of death is trying to be covered up by the stench of appeasement.

Appeasement --- the gift that keeps on taking lives; That keeps on giving us sorrow, instead of peace; anger instead of peace; destruction instead of peace; bloodshed instead of peace; war instead of peace.

Tonight, I mourn those we have once again lost to appeasement. And I wonder how many MORE nights I will have to do the same?

No people in history have ever survived who thought they could protect their freedom by making themselves inoffensive to their enemies. Dean Acheson