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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Am A Hollywood Conservative

As are some of my friends. Is the tide turning?

I've been involved with the Creative Coalition, a bi partisan citizen activist group & I agree with them: Great actors will always work regardless of their politics. Hollywood worships at the alter of the twin gods of Big Box Office dollars for features & huge ad revenues for successful tv series; political leanings become irrelevant if you bring in the bucks. While I don't disagree with the all too real Conservative Black List, my experience has been that is a selective black list - with many but not all conservatives being targeted.

But the time has come for that list to be banished completely.

The Conservative Film Festival aka The Liberty Film Festival is growing and some films with strong conservative values and/or Christian themes, have been generating impressive box office revenue.

"Fireproof" a small low budget film, starring Kirk Cameron of "Growing Pains" fame, made for a budget of $500,000, raked in $6.5 million on it's opening - making it #4 behind big budget action thriller "Eagle Eye" and five spots ahead of Spike Lee's "Miracle at St. Anna".
To date, this conservative -values film has generated $12.5 million in total.

Cameron, who has been married for 17 years and has six children, also said that his faith had helped him survive in Hollywood. "As a teen idol who makes it to 37 without being a crack-smoking transvestite stuck in a drug-rehab center over and over, I'd say, wow, those values have served me pretty well," he said.
I'd say those values have also served these films pretty well:

Lion Witch Wardrobe - $65.5 million opening weekend, $291.7 million domestically (USA) and $744.8 million worldwide. #28 - All Time World Wide Box Office Grosses

The Passion of Christ - $83.8 million opening weekend, $370.7 million domestically (USA) and $611.8 million worldwide #40- All Time World Wide Box Office Grosses

This weekend the "A Christmas Carol "earned $3.8 million, only $3 million more than the uber left wing Bill Maher's "Religulous." While the B.O. revenues are rather dismal at first glance, one needs to remember that the economy is in a state of disarray ( to put it kindly) , oil prices and by fiat gas prices are high, stock market has nose dived, people are losing their jobs as businesses in all sectors are shuttering their doors.

Look for Andrew Breitbart's newest venture to serve as a platform for conservative voices in Hollywood. The tide does appear to be turning.

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