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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Living Divine Love.

Love has been on my mind, elusive, sensitive, easily misunderstood, the food of life!

Love that is of a spiritual nature is God's love among mankind. Since my entire live is a spiritual journey, my daily experiences are intertwined closely with spiritual principals. Love is my goal: not just human love, or sexual love, but DIVINE love. My primary and most important relationship is with God, so there are times when I am lonely...bit I am never alone.

Because my love for God is everything to me, my love for my loved ones, and all of life, increases.

The way to God is ever within the heart, within the loving heart.

Love comes to those who serve God and in turn serve life.That is my credo...I chose to give back to life..by serving life. Not just through the vocation Ive chosen, but also through the service I give to Make A Wish Kids, as a wish granter, for terminally ill kids, and through the emails,letters and care packages I send to deployed Marines and soldiers.

I know that throughout our lives we all suffer, but the happiness, majesty and splendour of God's love helps me through those challenging times...and I don't have to look very far to see God's divine love made manifest...ITS everywhere....in a childs hug, a puppy's eagerness to play, in the blooming of flowers, the rise and setting of the sun. I've learned to take long walks alone...I call them my sabbath walks. I can more clearly hear the voice of God in the sounds of nature. There is a plan to living. There is order. You've just got to love and let God love you.

I've also come to understand that the more we accept God's divine love, the more we receive. Accepting is only half of it, the other half is giving IT back through service!

There is no doubt that Gods love can seem to be elusive, but its attainable when we realize that divine love comes through giving, and in no other way. Maybe this is the meaning of Jesus statement: " I am the ONLY way" You come to God, come to feel God's divine love, when you do as Jesus did: Give to others and serve life.

Seeing. Seeing, they see not; hearing, they hear not. For only those with love do!

I think we now live in a time of unequaled spiritual opportunity. The unrest in the world is a fact of history; individual freedom will always be attacked by nations, rulers and individuals that crave power. I have no illusions about the dark side of being.. about the darkness that resides in some mens hearts and can only be extinguised by God or by death. But that doesnt dampen my my love of life...I love life because of the spiritual potential it offers.

A wise man once shared with me that" life is for giving and loving, which fosters the nobility of spirit". The daily struggles that life presents are opportunities to cultivate spiritual grace.

I am compelled by my love for God to serve others, but I am inspired by the selfless acts of love and courage displayed by people like Lt. Col Mark A Smith, USMC, the commander of 2/24 in Iraq. He serves God and life by giving of himself to his Marines, to their families, to the Iraqi's, to his country, and to his family. He is representative of all the great men and women in the military who serve us all, even when we fail to understand the greater purpose of their actions.

I'm inspired by his wife Sheila who loves and supports her husband unwaveringly and in doing so also supports and serves her country with tremendous courage and grace.She is an example of spritual grace. She is representative of all the wives and girlfriends and parents and siblings of those who serve in the Military and are now deployed. They themselves are not fighting the insurgency directly, but they are doing so emotionally. Their sacrifices are great, and are only surpassed by their great courage and love for humanity.

I'm inspired by his kids, Nichole and Brittani, who support their dad, his men, and the families of those who serve under Mark. They too have sacrificied much. An absent dad who is not at the soccer games and dance receitals and birthday parties,nor with them at Christmas, but who is instead halfway around the world with the fathers and brothers and sisters and sons and daughters of people they have never met, and yet they do not complain. They know he loves them..and they understand his service to a higher cause doesn't diminish his deep love for them. And, like their parents, they too are selfless. Their decision to donate their Christmas gifts to children more needy as a way to honour one of their dad's fallen hero's belies a generousity so great it serves as a living example of God's divine love, and is only surpassed by their personal courageousness as they live with the knowledge that the work daddy does is dangerous, but nececssary. They are representative of all the kids of our deployed men and women, and the represent the future of America. And what a great future that will be!

To paraphrase Adlai Stevenson " They would rather light candles than curse the darkness, and their glow has warmed the world"

They are examples of divine love in action, and they shine the bright light of God's love in a world that appears at times to be filled with hate, rage, ugliness, divicivness and darkness; and it is this light of God that that shines through them , that illuminates us all, and inspires me to live a full rich life of love and service to God and others.


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