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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Battle for Fallujah

Bing West and his son, Owen, are being interviewed on Fox about their soon to be movie, "Battle for Fallujah" based on Bing's book, an account of the battle as it unfolded. Michael Shamberg is producing this film, and I like Michael, but as I said, this movie is being re written to include more KIA, and I find Hollywood's involvement to be both hypocritical and disingenous!

Bings hopes that the movie causes people to say "Holy Smokes we have great warriers, who are fighting this war on terror, and thank God we have them".

A noble sentiment, Bing, but frankly, the 52% of Americans that feel this way already, do not need a Hollywood version of a true battle that recently occured to echo those sentiments.

As for the others that disagree- this movie will only feed their "anti war, anti Bush, we should have never done what we did in Iraq, its all one big failure" feelings.

Bings intentions are honourable and understandable....but this Hollywood Refugee distrusts the all too left leaning Hollywood elites, and what they will do with this wonderful story makes me very nervous. Not to mention the idea that Hollywood community which has NEVER supported this war, and never understood the purpose, the cause, the bigger picture, would make money off the blood of these Marines, make me sick!

Having said that, and knowing this project is moving forward, I can only hope that it turns out to be a tribute of the highest honour to those Marines that fought this battle...especially those that paid the ultimate price.

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