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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Headline That Misleads

Palin's Show Drops LL Cool J After He Complains


''Contrary to what was reported, LL Cool J was never scheduled to be a guest on 'Real American Stories' with Sarah Palin this week,'' Rhett Usry, the artist's spokesman, said in a statement on Wednesday. ''The show had planned to use an interview from 2008 that was being repurposed without LL's permission.

''This statement is not a reflection of any feelings LL has toward Fox
News or Ms. Palin, whom he has never met, rather a clarification of what we have seen published in the media.''


In a statement released to other media outlets, the network said:

''Real American Stories' features uplifting tales about overcoming
adversity and we believe Mr. Smith's interview fits that criteria. However, as it appears that Mr. Smith does not want to be associated with a program that could serve as an inspiration to others, we are cutting his interview from the special and wish him the best with his fledgling acting career"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Commie Rage Girl & The Faces of Hatred & Intolerance

Meet "Commie Rage Girl"

"Commie Rage Girl" has appeared in tv news clips, in videos online, and in photos raging against Ann Coulter's appearance at U of O for all the same hypocritical reasons as most of the other liberal turds at University.

(Maybe "Commie Rage Girl" was upset that Black Panther Bobby Seale was banned from entering the country to speak at event at.....ready...wait for it...... The University of Ottawa -- where apparently his hate filled bigotry is acceptable)

From Michael Coren:

Next time you are stunned by how much income tax you pay, rest assured that it’s going to fund a large part of the education of open-minded, enlightened and compelling people like this protester at the Ann Coulter lecture.

For more pictures of the left wing "liberal" faces of intolerance, hatred, and hypocrisy, from Seamus Wolfe, to Jennifer Lynch, to the three hate filled bitches responsible for causing disturbances inside the hall, and for links to lots of hate filled commentary from the "liberals" of the self proclaimed "party of tolerance" head over to TAKE BACK YOUR SCHOOL

Canadian Association of University Teachers Demands That Dr.Houle Apologize To Coulter

We are deeply disturbed by your correspondence with Ann Coulter regarding her speaking engagement at the University of Ottawa tomorrow. Your admonishing her about speech rights in Canada raises serious questions about the University of Ottawa’s respect for freedom of expression and academic freedom.

Within the unique university context, the most crucial of all human rights are the rights of freedom of speech, academic freedom, and freedom of research. And we affirm that these rights are meaningless unless they entail the right to raise deeply disturbing questions and provocative challenges to the cherished beliefs of society at large and of the university itself.
Read the entire letter here

Waiting for reaction from Commie Rage Girl, Rita Valeriano, & Seamus Wolfe.


Hate Speech, Rita Valeriano & Ottawa University

Hate Speech, Seamus Wolfe, & Ottawa University

Hate Speech, Seamus Wolfe & Ottawa University

Another example of hypocrisy of the left:

Seamus Wolfe, a member of the University of Ottawa Student Federation, said Coulter's speeches and remarks often cross over into hate, which he said cannot be justified under the auspices of free speech
The Ottawa Student Federation is home to a group of intellectually dishonest liberals like Seamus Wolfe. Seamus seems to be suffering from the syndrome of cognitive dissonance that is the trademark of liberals.

Well known anti Semite, Israeli hating, intellectually dishonest, and uber hypocrite, Omar Barghouti was invited to Univ of Ottawa as guest speaker during the University's Israel Apartheid Week. Omars speeches, his books, his remarks about Jews and Israel always cross over into hate, which apparently can be justified under the auspices of free speech to liberal idiots like Seamus Wolfe, and his intellectual frauds of the Ottawa Student Federation, and their equally idiotic 'brothers and sisters in solidarity' at the Canadian Federation of Students.

The Motto of The University of Ottawa Student Federation is HATE SPEECH FROM ME. NOT FROM YOU.


Hate Speech, Rita Valeriano & Ottawa University

Hate Speech, Rita Valeriano & Ottawa University

Re: Ann Coulter's appearance at University of Ottawa

I was just worried that things were going to be said about certain groups of people that were going to make them feel very unsafe and very uncomfortable and we promise our students here at the University of Ottawa a safe, positive space,” said Rita Valeriano, a second-year sociology and women’s studies student.

Yet Rita Valeriano was not the least bit worried about things that were going to be said about " certain groups of people" last year during the University of Ottawa's participation in ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK which featured a speech from Omar Barghouti, Palestinian researcher, commentator and "human rights activist", contributor to the book " "The New Intifada: Resisting Israel's Apartheid" and a raging hypocrite:

He spends his time hectoring anyone who has anything to do with Israeli academia, telling them that they are collaborating with a racist and apartheid regime.

But Barghouti has decided not to boycott Israeli academia himself. He is now enrolled to study for a PhD at Tel Aviv University. What is “imperative” for others is, apparently, not quite so “imperative” for himself.

Apparently The University's promise of a 'safe positive space' doesn't extend to Jews during Israeli Apartheid Week.

The fish stinks from the head down. Rita Valeriano's hypocrisy mirrors that of University of Ottawa academic vice-president François Houle. Unlike Ann Coulter's appearance, Omar Barghouti's appearance did not warrant a "cautionary" letter:
“I hereby encourage you to educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada and to do so before your planned visit here,” University of Ottawa academic vice-president François Houle wrote.

“Promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges.”

I'm still waiting for criminal charges to be laid against Francois Houle, Omar Barghouti, and the University of Ottawa for devoting an entire week to promoting hatred against an identifiable group of Israelis & Jews during "Israeli Apartheid Week".

Apparently tweeter Sharmeen Khan (http://twitter.com/colonizedmutant) feels that

instead of defending Coulters right to speak, how about we defend muslim communities from racist attack? where's the solidarity?

How about Sharmeen Khan demand that the Muslim communities stand up in Solidarity with non Muslims including Ann Coulter, who vociferously defend Irshad Manji, a lesbian Muslim reformist, against the racist attacks and viable death threats she receives daily from the Muslim community.

Ann Coulter's appearance at University of Ottawa was canceled.

Once again those on the left in partnership with the faux "we are the victims" members of the Muslim/Arabic community have succeed in silencing anyone who dares to speak the truth about their hypocrisy.

The haters on the left were victorious in their fight against the' hater' from the right.

There is no free speech in Canada anymore. There are only degrees of hate speech that are deemed acceptable or unacceptable.

The Canadian left has joined in solidarity with American left and their new mantra has become "Hate Speech From Me. Not From You."

Monday, March 22, 2010

The "S" Word.

Rev.Al Sharpton:

"First of all. then we have to say the American public overwhelming voted for socialism when the elected President Obama"

Yet, according to liberals/progressives, "teabaggers" create fear and hysteria by throwing around the "s" word --- "socialism"

So if liberals/progressives disagree with Sharpton on this point, are they racists? Just askin'

Saturday, March 13, 2010

That Is Why I Am On This Porch

Friday, March 12, 2010

Michael Yon: Lying or Just Poor Research.Pick Poison

Update March 12 2010

Strategic Afghan Bridge Rebuilt In Coordinated Allied Effort

Because of its proximity to the airfield, the bridge falls within the Royal Air Force Regiment's area of responsibility. As part of the main southern highway to Pakistan, the bridge is patrolled by U.S. army Stryker vehicles and is guarded by the Afghan National Police.

On March 6th Yon admitted he owed BG Menard apology for his false accusations / lies
about Menard, and would deliver it, and yet he has steadfastly refused to do so despite saying he would.
"The accounting will include an apology from me to General Menard".

In an attempt to deflect from his own shoddy reporting, Yon falsely accuses Canwest of being
in sleeping in the pocket of the Canadian Military.

He also accused Bill Roggio of sleeping in the the pocket of the American Military Public Affairs Office when Roggio wouldn't support Yon's accusation that the US Military was censoring him when they denied Yon the right to embed for almost a year.

And in the same manner as he is doing now, with Canwest, he proceeded to vindictatively attack Roggio's credibility in a series of emails to a highly influential group of Milbloggers and Milblog supporters and refused to attend Milblog Convention as a speaker if Roggio was to be on the panel. Yon was relentless, unfair, wrong, and purely motivated by anger because Roggio did not agree that Yon being censored by the Military. Roggio believed it was Yon's own actions that had resulted in his embed being denied. Because Roggio was being allowed to embed, Yon decided to start a personal smear campaign against Bill.

And then he writes this:
Canwest is toying with flat out lying by indicating that Strykers were part of the security. (Lying or just poor research. Pick posion.)

One can the same of Yon when it came to his flat out lies about BG Menard and smeared Canadian troops. Lying or poor research - pick your poison, Yon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Michael Yon: Shameful Allegations to Self Adulation.

Thank you Grave Walker

Have you seen today's piece? I guess he decided against the apology and went with self adulation. He's a real jerk.

It's been sad to watch Yon move between vindicating his legacy and vitiating it as he tries to save face.

He has yet apology to BG Menard & Canadian Troops inspite of having promised to do so a week ago. A man is only as good as his word.....and words.

Yon's words have now proven to be cheap and untrustworthy at best, lies at worst.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Hurray For Hollywood

Hollywood Chooses Class Over the Culture War
by John Nolte

Last night a woman who played a gun-totin’, Southern Christian conservative won Best Actress, a film widely perceived as pro-troop won Best Picture, a tune with a twang won Best Song and for nearly four hours all of Hollywood presented themselves in the best way possible.

And the evening ended with a two shout- outs to the Men and Women of Military who serve with courage and honor.

Fade To Black.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Michael Yon: Saving Face. Shameful Allegations

Michael Yon: Shameful Allegations

In a lame attempt to save face Michael Yon continues to "spin" with regards to his litany of assumptions and shameless allegations about BG Menard, Canadian troops, and "the bridge" incident.

Notice how he writes that NOW he needs his final words on this matter to be "precise"

Apparently Yon didn't need to have his first words on the subject be "precise" nor did he feel the need to "much fact checking" during the FOUR he spent days laying ALL the blame on BG Menard, defaming Canadian soldiers, and demanding BG Menard 'be fired'.

Still waiting for Yon to demand BG Ben Hodges be fired but of course that won't happen because this really isn't about accountability or "getting US scrutiny".

From Mike's FaceBook Page

A substantial update is coming. Much fact checking. Canadians seem to think they are off the hook. Not so. This is meant to be my final words on the topic and so must be precise. Some Canadians seem to think they are singled out (apparently oblivious to the even more substantial brushes with US and British). If Canadians are going to command US forces, they will get US scrutiny. Like it or not. There will be an apology from me: BG Menard was not the only one to fumble this, but definitely was partly responsible.
A lot of assumptions were made that I made assumptions. In fact, I was duly informed when making statements. But there was more information that took some squeezing to get.

Stand by...


I was "duly informed" but there was "more information that took squeezing to get"
A sad attempt to save face as Yon moves between vindicating his legacy and vitiating it.

If any MSM journalist had written the above statement after spending FOUR days attacking, accusing, and defaming any Brig.General in the AMERICAN Military and insulting American troops, as Yon did with Canadian Brig.Gen Menard and Canadian troops, Yon, would very rightly, be all over him and Yon's fan base would be right to applaud him.

But apparently when Yon stoops to this level especially about the Canadian military - his fan base circles the wagons and attempts to overlook it or justify it through denial.

I admire loyalty, but blind loyalty serves no good purpose.

Yon is no better than the worst MSM when he behaves like this and his fans become nothing more than enablers when they let him get away with it.

One should note that Yon has NEVER insulted nor defamed any AMERICAN OR UK soldiers or "boots on the ground" Commanders, so his crap about "if Canadians are going to command US forces, they are coming under US scrutiny" speaks to his real agenda.

Michael Yon: Shameful Allegations

Friday, March 05, 2010

Michael Yon: Shameful Allegations.

Update Sat March 6, 2010

The sycophancy continues as Yon & his fans defame & malign Canadian Troops w/no facts to support their allegations.

Still NO Apology from Yon to Brig-General Menard despite having promised to do so yesterday

Harboring resentment because the Canadian gov't will not extend it's commitment in Afghanistan beyond 2011, resentful that four US Battalions are under Canadian
command and apparently angry that were watching the Canada/USA Gold Medal Game, iconic mil-blogger Michael Yon published a series of false accusations soley blaming Canadian troops and BG Menard for an important bridge that was destroyed by a suicide bomber.

With out one fact to support him, Yon purposefully took aim at Canadian troops and a Canadian Brig.General, who have sacrificed so much for so many years in the war on terror in Afghanistan, accusing the troops and the General of "wasting time":

While some troops were wasting time fixated on the Olympics, 10 minutes away a major target was left vulnerable. If we can persuade the Taliban to play Hockey, or if we can learn to play their sport -- Guerrilla Warfare -- maybe we can score some points.

Our combat operations have been severely hampered. Confidence in this General cannot be high. If he cannot protect nearby targets of obvious significance, what next?

Yon launched a series of personal mini tirades over several days on his Facebook & Twitter page where he relentlessly continued to falsely accuse Canadian soldiers and a Canadian General of being responsible for " not protecting nearby targets of obvious significance."

Sad and Sickening: A General Officer should be fired.

This morning, we lost a soldier to a suicide bomb on a bridge just a short drive from this massive military installation called Kandahar Airfield. The bridge, which is important to us, was badly damaged and remains impassable to military traffic. Meanwhile, on this... bustling base, under-employed soldiers from various nations crowd around hockey games, live bands, and coffee shops. The damaged bridge is just a bicycle ride away from soldiers who are too busy celebrating Olympic medals to safeguard this bridge. The bridge is so close that I felt the explosion and saw the mushroom cloud. Our mission, and no doubt others, was cancelled because we could not get over the bridge.

The General in charge of security for this bridge should be fired.

Yon didn't stop there. A day later he would falsely identify Canadian BG Daniel Menard as the General in charge of security who should be fired.

Mike's biggest fans would have me believe that Yon was able to track down the General's name, but had NO time to verify if Menard was INDEED the General responsible for the security of the bridge.

Meanwhile, Mathew Fisher of Canwest wrote this fact filled piece about Yon's bogus accusations & allegations " Military Rebuffs Bloggers Call for Top Canadian General To Be Fired"

But since the story, published in the Vancouver Sun and National Post in Canada provided truths that simply didn't support Mike's purposely ill conceived narrative, Yon took to insulting the paper:
National Post" is a relatively small Canadian paper that has inserted itself into the subject of the Tarnak River bridge attack by publishing a story from Canwest News Service. "National Post" appears to provide the latest example of the shoddy war reporting that is contributing to the erosion of MSM".

And Yon didn't stop there.

He demanded publicly that Menard be fired, STILL without having ONE OUNCE OF PROOF that Menard was the General responsible for securing the Bridge. I guess Yon feels that innocent until proven guilty doesn't apply to Canadian Generals.

Yon continued publishing his false allegations and snide attacks about Menard on his Facebook page until today when this happened:

Got a call out of the blue from the office of Brigadier General Ben Hodges. We will meet in 90 minutes at his office.

Summary of meeting with Brigadier General Ben Hodges: The result was unexpected. General Hodges courageously accepted full responsibility. My respect for him doubled in about 30 seconds. Henceforth, Strykers will "own" the bridge. Bottom line: problem solved. BREAK. Something very important came up tonight, so will ...give accounting Friday. The accounting will include an apology from me to General Menard.

Amazing how Yon's false accusations were forthcoming quickly and relentlessly, but the apology can wait! That alone speaks to his resentment towards Canadian Military in this particular Area Of Operation.

Some of Mike's most ardent fans and admirers (of which I am one) would like me to that believe that Mike Yon was simply too busy spewing forth his false allegations that he just couldn't find the time to do some fact finding.

Some would like me to believe he simply "erred"-------over the course of five days.

Some would like me to believe that Yon's relentless false accusations and demeaning insults about Menard and the Canadian troops was simply an 'honest mistake" and they would like me to believe
that the intrepid & iconic Michael Yon-- who has been in AFG for an extraordinary amount of time-- and in that particular AO for while now --had absolutely NO IDEA about the Command Structure.

I'm sorry, but that is a bridge that is simply too far for me to cross.

Yon is many things, but he's NOT stupid. Yon is very well researched. He knows who is who and when Yon sets out to attack a 'target'-- it is done intentionally & willfully.

Why did Mike accuse Canadian troops of "wasting time" watching the once in a lifetime Canadian vs USA Gold Medal event, but has NEVER ONCE accused US Troops who watch the Super Bowl while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan of 'wasting time" even as suicide bombers inflicted casualties?

What would motivate a writer of Mike's caliber to relentlessly continue to falsely accuse Menard over several days, without taking ONE MINUTE to determine the facts?

A journalist with any credibility would have done his homework and checked the facts before spewing forth FALSE and MISLEADING allegations.

But in Yon's case, it took being by SUMMONED by US BG Ben Hodges days later in order for Yon to ascertain the truth and the facts.

And once Yon had ascertained the "mea culpa" from BG Ben Hodges, why didn't he DEMAND that Hodges be fired, like he demanded of Menard? Remember Yon wrote these words:
The General in charge of security for this bridge should be fired.

Mike's tone towards the General who was responsible US General Hodges was one of awe and admiration -- a drastic difference from the vitrolic tone he displayed towards BG Menard - a tone that was rife with anger, disgust! That is very telling!

What would motivate Mike Yon to relentlessly spew forth days of fact-less shameful allegations and purposeful lies about an honorable Canadian Brig.General?

Perhaps the answer can be found in this truth:

Mr. Yon's demand that Brig.-Gen. Menard be replaced hinted at a growing frustration on the part of some Americans that NATO has put four U.S. battalions under Canadian command in Kandahar.

"I can see how someone in the American forces might say: ‘Why aren't we under U.S. command?'" Mr. Fortin said. "But the Americans answer to a Canadian who answers to a British major-general who in turn answers to an American. This is coalition warfare at its best."